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November 21, 2018
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20 Simple Tips for Exercising

1. Before you begin a routine, check with your physician to make sure you are ready to start a regular exercise program.
2. Set realistic goals, donít over do it. Begin slowly and progress gradually.
3. Wear appropriate clothing. Do not wear clothing that will restrict you from certain movements, and wear what is appropriate for the weather.
4. Wear proper shoes. Ask someone at the athletic shoe store which shoe is appropriate for your specific routine.
5. In order to stay motivated, try to exercise with a friend.
6. Schedule your workouts on your calendar.
7. Warm up! This will help raise the body temperature. Try walking, or jogging slowly, then stretch once you are warm.
8. If your goal is fat reduction, longer duration and slower intensity is smarter than faster and harder intensity.
9. Vary your every day routines to prevent you from getting bored, and it will give you a more rounded fitness program.
10. Make sure that you practice a proper diet. An empty stomach is like having a car with no gas. Eat lightly approximately 2-3 hours before you exercise.
11. Drink plenty of liquids. It is important that you drink proper amounts of fluids before, during, and after your routine. Cramping may occur by drinking too much before you exercise, but be sure to drink a larger amount after you are done exercising.
12. Take the Talk/Sing test. If you canít talk or sing during your exercise, then you need to slow down to a level that will allow you to do so.
13. Donít go for the burn. With weight training exercises, muscle fatigue is often viewed as the goal. Understand the difference between a tired muscle and pain.
14. There is no such thing as spot reducing! Aerobic exercises will eventually decrease the amount of body fat. Just remember that you put it on one day at a time, and that is how it will come off.
15. Cool down! Donít just stop all together. Bring down the intensity level of your routine by gradually slowing down until your heart rate and breathing are at a comfortable level. Then, stretch, stretch, stretch, to avoid sore muscles.
16. The heart muscle is the largest and most important muscle. Do not overwork it! It is better to do not enough than too much.
17. Monitor your heart rate. Your pulse should be between 65 and 80% of your maximum heart rate. Ask your physician what your maximum heart rate is.
18. Prevent injuries by alternating your activities and avoiding overuse of muscles that are constantly being strained. Listen to your body, change old shoes, and only practice activities that are appropriate for your health condition and capability.
19. Avoid exercising when you are ill. Allow your body to fully recover before starting up again. Modify your program to give yourself time to catch up.
20. Contact your local American Heart Association if you need more advice, or ask your physician.